2016 Answers Conference Tackles Myths on Race

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Featuring Luther Eatman
and Bryce Marner

May 22, 2016

St. Luke Evangelical Free Church
700 W. Highway 224, Wellington, MO
Child Care Provided for Ages 7 and Under

Conference Schedule

9:00 AM     Broken Mirrors in Need of Jesus

10:00 AM   Jesus: The Soul Winner of All People

11:30 AM   Dinner

12:30 PM    Killing the Myths that Divide

1:45 PM      What Triggers Reactions & Cripples Compassion?

3:00 PM      Practical Solutions to the Cultural Divide

This year’s Answers Conference, Black & White looks at race relations and ALL inter-cultural relations from a unique perspective. Our guest speakers have been on the ground in some of the most challenging multi-cultural situations. They will share the lessons they have learned and are still learning. Black & White does not provide magical keys or secret answers to erase racial tension. However, it will reveal some of the triggers that provoke animosity between people groups and cripple any compassion toward those we don’t understand. It will also tackle head on the myths that drives racial division and animosity.

How do we learn to value one another regardless of our backgrounds, our culture or our race? Our speakers will share practical ways to resolve the tension, to build mutual trust, and foster mutually beneficial relationships in spite of economic and racial differences.

Conference Speakers

We are excited to host Luther Eatman, an African-American pastor of Bridge of Hope, a multi-racial church and ministry in KCK, and Bryce Marner, white pastor of The Kulture, a transformational, multi-racial ministry in Florissant, MO, with people attending from Ferguson, Hazelwood, Maryland Hts., and Granite City, IL.

Luther was an addict for 24 years, ending up homeless for 8 of those years. After attempting suicide four times he finally turned to Jesus for help. Since then God has healed Luther’s life and given him a passion to help others find the freedom and healing that he found in Christ.

Bryce came to inter-racial ministry through growing up in the grace of God from an early age, with an appreciation for both his white and African-American friends. Immersed in a diverse community, he found that he didn’t identify with any one race. This enabled him to go into ministry in an ethnically diverse community.

Both pastors have first-hand experience dealing with the heat of race relations and finding a way to be God’s church in the middle of it. They will share how we as a white community can help those in need to bridge a relationship to Jesus without damaging those whom we help.

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