Christmas is something worth celebrating! See God’s perfect plan in action using imperfect people!

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In the wake of many wanting to leave any religious basis for our “winter holidays” behind, a closer look at the events surrounding the first Christmas reveals that there is a lot to celebrate! Forget the commercialization of Christmas, forget the “war on Christmas”, forget those who question the historical events claiming that they were made up to oppress people, forget all of the negativity we might go through with challenging people during this time of the year. Put all that aside and explore again what these events are all about:

  • God the Son loving us so much that He set aside His own glory as the Creator God and entering our humanity.
  • God working in miraculous ways for ordinary people’s lives and including them in His eternal plan.
  • God working in spite of great obstacles and opposition and touching lives with love, kindness and compassion.

In this Advent series we will study the lives of key people — some well known and some not-so-well-known — see the work of God in their lives and see what that might have to do with each of us. We will study some of the historical background and ask — so what? What difference does all that have to do with me and life today.

Sermon Audio Nov. 29 — SWC1: Imperfect People, Perfect Plan
SWC 1.Sermon Handout SWC1.Power Point SWC1.Preaching Notes

Sermon Audio Dec. 6 — SWC2: EmbarrassmentOvercome by God’s Peace
SWC2.Sermon Handout SWC2.Power Point SWC2.Preaching Notes

Sermon Audio Dec. 13 — SWC3: The Joy of the Outcasts
SWC3.Sermon Handout SWC3.Power Point SWC3.Preaching Notes

Sermon Audio Dec. 20 — SWC4: The Patience and Reward of the Faithful
SWC4.Sermon Handout  SWC4.Power Point SWC4.Preaching Notes

Sermon Audio Dec. 27 — SWC5: Jesus and the Villainous Politician
SWC5.Sermon Handout SWC5.Power Point SWC5.Preaching Notes

Sermon Audio Jan. 3 — SWC6: The Wisdom of the Seekers
SWC6.Sermon Handout SWC6.Power Point SWC6.Preaching Notes

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