Are you interested in growing spiritually?

We heard the moving stories of those who committed to do just that last year when the 2:7 group members shared in the Gathering on Sunday, July 19. Eleven people took the journey, starting last October: Richard Abdoler, Mark & Rene Appleby, Pam Barker, Christopher & Linda Barnes, Mary Ann Campbell, Linda Dorsch, Sally Nadler, Linda Niendick and Myrna Soendker. The journey started with 2:7 Book One, Growing Strong in God’s Family.

2-7- Growing Strong


We encourage you to listen to these fellow believers as they share what a difference 2:7 Discipleship made in their lives. We want to strongly encourage everyone to join them is a 2:7 group when it starts this fall.

Audio of Testimonies — 2:7 Group  Members — July 19, 2015

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