Take Jesus Home: God’s Rx for a Fractured World

Supreme Remedy logoAs we look around us, we see families in trouble. And we can’t just say that these are non-Christian families that are struggling. Statistics show that those in the church or those who call themselves Christians often have the same problems to the same degree as those without any particular faith.

Is there anything that can be done? Or is this just the way things are? In our series The Supreme Remedy we have seen that we have a distinctly different identity and purpose as believers. Not only that, but there was a mystery mentioned early on in the book of Colossians — Christ in you the hope of glory. Jesus Christ, through the Holy Spirit, actually lives inside each believer. How about if we took this seriously? What if we kept this in the forefront of our thinking and “unleashed” Jesus in our families and the rest of our lives? Wouldn’t this prove to be radical?

This Sunday we will look at Taking Jesus Home — the Rx for a Fractured World. Next Sunday we will look at taking Christ into our workplaces. I believe that doing things God’s way can make a real difference in our lives, our communities and the world. Come learn what this looks like in the family — this Sunday, Oct. 4, at the Worship Gathering at 10 AM at St. Luke EFC!

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