What Can I Expect at Sunday School?

For many, Sunday School is for the children. And we do offer good classes for children from 2 years old through High School. Getting children started in Sunday school and being consistent in attendance is beneficial on many levels:

  • They get to know God better and better week after week. Each week’s lesson builds into a child’s life as he/she experiences God through His Word and the example of the Sunday school teachers.
  • God’s Word begins to make more and more sense as they get exposed to new pieces of the puzzle each week and can begin to put it all together over time.’
  • They develop good relationships with good peers, may of whom become great peers to have as they get older and need positive support.
  • They develop a habit of coming to be with God’s people the way that God plans for us, according to Hebrews 10:24-25. Once they have this habit, it is a lot easier to have students go to church as they get older and are faced with bigger and bigger challenges. A lot of parents have learned the hard way that it is very difficult to motivate a troubled teen to go to church to “fix” problems. It is better to be proactive and get things going in the right direction when they are young.

Interestingly, all of these benefits are true for us as adults as well. So what can you expect as an adult when you bring children or grandchildren to church? There are several options for adults:

  1. The Disciples Class — This group meets in the church basement and will be studying Stories of Hope, looking at 10 great sections of Scripture to hear and experience God’s encouragement. This is a mixed group with adults of all ages. Pastor Christopher will be leading the discussion.
  2. The Builders and Crusaders Class meets in the church kitchen studying David C. Cook materials under the leadership of Alberta Block. This group is made up mostly of our senior saints.
    The Cafe Art
  3. The Café — New starting September 20 — For those parents not in a Sunday school class, especially those with a child under two years old, The Café is an opportunity for adult fellowship in an unstructured setting over on the first floor of the Community Christian Center while one’s children are in Sunday school. Coffee and refreshments will be served. Hosts for The Café are: John and Patty Breckenridge, Don and MaryAnn Campbell, and Randy and Cinda Dowell.

May God enrich your family as you begin or continue the habit of Sunday school for your family!


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