JESUS: Our Supreme Remedy!

Supreme Remedy logoDiscover the supremacy of Jesus in the book of Colossians!

On May 17, we began a new series, a study in the book of Colossians, The Supreme Remedy. In this series we will discover the many ways that Jesus is supreme over all things, that ALL the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden in Christ, and the ways in which He should be supreme in our daily lives. The first half of the book lays the foundation for the second half. That half lays out the practical ways we should live, since Jesus is supreme. Pastor Warren Wiersbe, a great Bible teacher who was the voice of the Back to the Bible broadcasts for many years, wrote in his preface to Be Complete (his commentary on Colossians), “The message of this letter is greatly needed today.  I hear too many voices telling me that I need something more than Jesus Christ – some exciting experience, some new doctrine, some addition to my Christian experience.  But Paul affirms that what I need is to grab hold of what I already have in Christ. ‘And ye are complete in Him.’ “I also hear voices that want to judge me and rob me of the glorious liberty I have in Christ.  How encouraging to hear Paul say: ‘Let no man beguile you, let no man spoil you, let no man judge you.’  The fullness of Christ is all I need and all man-made regulations and disciplines cannot replace the riches I have in God’s Son.”

Share our journey through this amazing book and discover amazing truths about Jesus and about you as a believer! Most of the Sermon Handouts have a special Taking It Home study on the back to allow you to better apply the message to your life and to show how the rest of the Bible teaches the same truths. Also, the Power Points often have some special graphics prepared for me by my graphic design assistant, Marion Butorac, from Wauconda EFC in 2004.

2015-05-17 Identity – The Critical Starting Point.Sermon
Supreme Remedy 1 Sermon Handout Supreme Remedy 1 Power Point
Supreme Remedy 1.Preaching Notes

2015-05-24 Powerful Fruit From The Living Gospel.Sermon
Supreme Remedy 2 Sermon Handout Supreme Remedy 2 Power Point
Supreme Remedy 2.Preaching Notes

2015-05-31 put the root before the fruit.sermon
Supreme Remedy 3 Sermon Handout Supreme Remedy 3 Power Point
Supreme Remedy 3.Preaching Notes

2015-06-14 Rescued From The Dominion of Darkness.Sermon
Supreme Remedy 4 Sermon Handout Supreme Remedy 4 Power Point
Supreme Remedy 4.Preaching Notes

2015-06-21 Supremacy of Christ.Sermon
Supreme Remedy 5 Sermon Handout Supreme Remedy 5 Power Point
Supreme Remedy 5.Preaching Notes

2015-06-28 Supreme Ministry.sermon
Supreme Remedy 6 Sermon Handout Supreme Remedy 6 Power Point
Supreme Remedy 6.Preaching Notes

2015-07-12 The Supreme Friendship.sermon
Supreme Remedy 7 Sermon Handout Supreme Remedy 7 Power Point
Supreme Remedy 7.Preaching Notes

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