Liberty Celebration 2015: The Future of Our Freedoms

bald_eagle_head_and_american_flag1Every year we recognize the birth of our country with a Liberty Celebration on the Sunday closest to the Fourth of July, celebrating the freedoms with which we have been blessed in the USA. This year we had a great time of worshiping God and giving thanks at our Worship Gathering at 10 AM.

Following the recent Supreme Court decision, this celebration was more relevant than ever. People on one side of the issue have been celebrating new found freedoms while people on the other side wring their hands and wonder what’s going to happen to religious freedom and our country in general.

As part of our annual Liberty Celebration, Pastor Christopher spoke on The Future of Our Freedoms. He looked ahead to how we can be Christ’s ambassadors in the midst of cultural change, as well as discussed how recent events will or will not affect our freedoms.

The Future of Our Freedoms Sermon Audio, July 5, 2015
Liberty Celebration 2015 Sermon Handout The Future of Our Freedoms Power Point
Liberty Celebration 2015 Preaching Notes

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