The Internet: Good or Evil?

URLAs we contemplate the question of whether the Internet is good or evil, we must wrestle with how we come to the impression of whether any “thing” is good or evil. We could debate endlessly whether anything is good or evil from furry little bunnies to AK47s and hand guns. In his message on this topic, Pastor Christopher tackles this issue. He reveals some of the darker sides of the Web as well as tries to examine what God calls us to do regarding our current technology — engage or unplug, separate from it or utilize it.

Many in the Twentieth Century chose separation from the world. How did that work for Christians and the country as a whole? What should we, especially young people, do now? Listen to this week’s message to learn more about the Internet and the Christian response to it…

2015-03-15 The Internet – Good or Evil.sermon
The Internet – Sermon Handout
The Internet – Preaching Notes The Internet – Power Point

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