Safety on the Internet — Sunday afternoon March 15

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Conference Focuses on How to Keep Families Safe on the Internet

From our computers to our appliances, from Smartphones to our TVs, from multiple tablets to even our cars, the Internet is pouring into our lives almost at every moment of our lives. This connectivity can be a great thing. But, this connectivity is a two way street, often loaded with danger: Danger to our kids, our finances, our privacy, and our safety on the road. How can we protect ourselves and our families from these dangers? Learn how at the Safety on the Internet Answers Conference on Sunday afternoon, March 15, at the Community Christian Center in Wellington, MO.

Due to popular demand, we are having three security experts come with key info and strategies on how to keep your family safe in the online world. Burton Kelso, John Breckenridge, and Steve Ryun will team up to share from their professional experience and their experiences as fathers. They will share what the dangers are, the challenges of staying ahead of technology and our children, how to protect the family from cybercrime, and the ways to overcome those dangers and challenges and keep your family together in spite of it all. Wellington-Napoleon High School Principal Mindy Hampton will also participate, bringing first-hand knowledge of what teens and preteens are up to with their devices.

This year’s Answers Conference is co-sponsored by St. Luke EFC and the Community Christian Center (CCC). The afternoon will start with a lunch for all participants (please RSVP so that we have an accurate count), then several sessions with our speakers and end with a panel discussion to provide an opportunity for participants to ask questions. It will be geared for both parents and students from middle school on up. Child care will be provided for younger children at no charge.

  • Join us for lunch at 11:30 AM in the CCC Community Café (Please RSVP! See registration info below.)
  • Three Sessions are scheduled – 12:30, 1:30 and 2:30 – with insights and strategies from our four speakers.
  • One session will be a break out for parents-only and students-only.
  • We will close with a panel with all of our speakers to answer questions from those who attend.
  • We expect to end at 4:15 or 4:30.

Burton Kelso is the owner and chief technician for Integral Computer Consultants and has often been called upon by Kansas City TV morning shows and area radio programs to provide online security tips for viewers and listeners. He is raising three children, from teenager to 5 years old.

John Breckenridge is the Senior Manager for Corporate Security for KCP & L, locally, regionally and nationally. Professionally, he has had to train employees on Internet security and guard the company from cyber attacks. Personally, he has raised four children, three grown and out of the home with one high school daughter still at home.

Steve Ryun served our community for 13 years as a Lafayette County Sheriff’s detective. For four years he was a member of the Western MO Cyber Crimes Task Force, fighting Internet predators and pedophiles, identity theft and other cyber crimes. He is raising 4 children from the age of 16 down to 10 months. Presently he is an insurance fraud investigator in the private sector.

Who Should Attend? Whether you are tech savvy or find your head spinning with the latest technology, this conference is for you. We are encouraging both parents and students to come. When St. Luke hosted a workshop with John and Burton last November, they got two responses – “We want more time to learn on these subjects.” and “We want our kids to hear about these things from professionals.” We believe that this will be a key conference with long-lasting impact for the good of you and your children. Grandparents are also strongly encouraged to attend.

Registration is free and can be done by contacting either the CCC or St. Luke EFC: or or call the CCC at 816-934-2707 or St. Luke at 816-240-2312.

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