Getting a Fresh Start on Decision Making

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Pastor Christopher preached a five-part mini-series to focus in on basic principles of decision making — from how NOT to make a decision, to Biblical principles on knowing God’s will, to how to make good decisions together (with loved ones, at work or on a committee).

Struggling on how to make decisions? Wrestling with how to come to a decision with others? Trying to figure out how to know God’s will? These were all addressed during this informative and entertaining series. People especially appreciated the final message, Making Good Decisions Together, when Pastor Christopher confessed to being a “naysayer” one who can quickly nix a new idea and takes time to warm up to the idea, especially in working with his wife. Tune in to Fresh Start #8 for this introduction and the helpful, Biblical tips on communicating with others as you work out decisions together.

2015-01-25 Decision Making.sermon
Fresh Start 4 – Sermon Handout Fresh Start 4 – Preaching Notes
Fresh Start 4 — Power Point

F2015-02-01 Decision Making 2.sermon
Fresh Start 5 – Sermon Handout Fresh Start 5 – Preaching Notes
Fresh Start 5 — Power Point

2015-02-08 Decision Making and the Will of God.sermon
Fresh Start 6 – Sermon Handout Fresh Start 6 – Preaching Notes
Fresh Start 6 — Power Point

Fresh Start #7 Sermon Audio Practical Steps in Making Good Decisions 2/15/15
Fresh Start 7 – Sermon Handout Fresh Start 7 – Preaching Notes
Fresh Start 7 — Power Point

Fresh Start #8 Sermon Audio Making Good Decisions Together 2/22/15
Fresh Start 8 – Sermon Handout Fresh Start 8 – Preaching Notes
Fresh Start 8 — Power Point

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