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Christmas is a time of great anticipation, much fussing and preparations as families come together, rich bounty of great food, and time around the tree to enjoy family and friends. But how do you feel when all the wrapping paper has been torn off the packages and thrown away? How do you feel as you wave bye to the last out-of-town guest?

At the height of our holiday reunion, things were pretty crazy — 16 people in what we called the party house. (Our Vacation By Owner rental in Tucson) The house was all tile and hard surfaces so the laughter and crying of four toddlers/babies echoed off the walls. And the rest of us weren’t quiet either. No matter where you were in the open-floor-plan house you could hear everything.
But when everyone packed up their stuff and began flying out of town, you felt a lot more sadness than relief.
The preacher at Matt & Abby’s church last Sunday said that the let down after Christmas is natural. It should actually be that way. Consider the first Christmas — angel visits, a burst of the glory of God announcing the coming of Jesus Christ, our Savior! The long-awaited Messiah!

Then what? The holy family sneaks out of town and Jesus is practically never heard from for 30 years. Even them, there is no fanfare to match the night of His birth. We long for something more. One almost asks, “Is this it?” But Christmas is actually a burst of glory that awakens in us a longing for His Second Coming!

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