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How many of us struggled picking out names for our expected arrival? To this day, Linda and I have never agreed on a boy’s name. Thank goodness we had daughters or the baby boy would have left the hospital nameless or Baby Doe (perhaps that should be Baby Buck since he was a boy). 😉

Our daughter Abby and her husband had a white board filled with options and combinations of first and middle names. They struggled through and finally only made the choice once they were at the hospital with little Caleb in their arms.
Many people go through books of baby names with the details of the meaning of the name. Some people make it simple — name the baby after a grandparent or after the father or after a beloved aunt or uncle. Others pick names from what’s popular at the time — I wonder how many babies are named after Royals players after this exciting season?
In the events surrounding Christmas, Mary and Joseph were given specific guidance as to Mary’s expected baby boy. In You Shall Call His Name Jesus, we will look at why this name was picked and we will enjoy and explore The Music of Christmas that expresses the significance of this baby name that has become one of the most well known names in the world.

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