Every Day Frustrations When Social Media Backfires

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The Every Day Frustrations when Social Media Backfires
We looked at these issues in a special two-part series (Nov. 16 & 23). For the computer savvy, we discussed the latest social media – its benefits and pitfalls and how to protect yourself from cyber-bullying, etc. For those not into computers, we looked at the Biblical principles of dealing with gossip, bullying, attacks on your reputation and victimization. Whatever devices we use, all of these things impact our lives.
In particular, we dealt with the challenges of knowing who to friend/follow, whether to allow someone to follow you, what to do when these social media relationships go sour, how to avoid some of the common pitfalls that get us into hassles and trouble online, and when social media activities become threatening and even criminal.
We also held a special Sunday school class for parents, Social Media and Internet Safety, on Sunday morning, November 23. The blog post following up that class has links for parents to use to become up to date on what your children are experiencing online and through their Smartphones and how to protect them.

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