Would Jesus Commend a Crook?

Money — Is it good or bad? Is it a benefit to believers or a pitfall? Should we be concerned with it or ignore it as one of those things of this world that will corrupt us? Should it even be something that a believer thinks about?

Surprisingly, the God says more about money than almost any other single subject in the Bible. That’s right — more than prayer, angels and demons, heaven, etc. There are more Bible verses about money. 2,350 verses! And, as many know, Jesus addressed issues regarding money as well.

One of the strangest passages where He discussed money is Luke 16:1-15. There are a couple of parts of this passage that bug people when they first read it — it looks like Jesus is commended the deceitful manager and one verse seems to imply that we should use money to buy friends. What do is really going on in these verses? Also, this passage teaches us that God wants His people, the people of the light, to be shrewd when it comes to dealing with worldly things, particularly wealth.

Listen or read this week’s message, How to Be Shrewd for the Lord, to discover what Jesus has to say to us on these things. It appears that money is not evil after all. Rather, God seems to be telling us to become skillful at using money, especially for His eternal purposes.

10-19-2014 How to Be Shrewd for Jesus Sermon Audio 2014 Radical Call 1 — Power Point
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