4-H Sunday Great Opportunity to Discuss the Frustrations of School!

We had a great time with TWO 4-H Clubs present on 4-H Sunday: Mayview 40-ville Club and Napoleon Cloverleaf. The focus of our message in our ongoing series was: The Every Day Frustrations of School…

Every Day Frustrations

Whether you are a student today or not, you were at one time. Can you remember the things you loved and hated about school? Can you remember what it was like to be a young student and have school as a minor (or even major) irritant in your life?

In this message, Pastor Christopher shared some of his struggles as a student and even shared his sixth grade report card! If you are presently a struggling student, take comfort in hearing of his challenges.In the message he responded as well to the frustrations of being bullied, of facing scholastic challenges, and getting caught doing things out of line. He shared about the boondoggle* of self esteem, the uniqueness of God’s design for every individual, the secret of becoming smarter than your teachers, the attitude and habit that God rewards and the only way success is guaranteed.

If you missed this message, tune in to the audio and notes below…

10-05- 2014 Frustrations of School Sermon Audio EDF7 – Sermon Handout
EDF 7 Power Point EDF7 – Preaching Notes

*Any work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value.

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