Frustrations of School Tomorrow!

Every Day FrustrationsTomorrow morning we will talk about something everybody has experienced at one time or another — The every Day Frustrations of School. Whether you are a student today or not, you were at one time. Can you remember the things you loved and hated about school? Can you remember what it was like to be a young student and have school as a minor (or even major) irritant in your life?

4-H logoTomorrow is 4-H Sunday! And we are blessed to have two clubs with us: the one from Napoleon and the one from Mayview.  We are excited to have them join us for worship. Due to their coming, Pastor Christopher has decided to have this student-oriented focus. However, the lessons that apply to young students apply to all of us. Plus the counsel of God’s Word will be useful to share with children, grandchildren and others we know in the thralls of the school experience.

Come join us for worship & communion!

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