Don’t Get Caught Off Guard!

Harvesters truck unloading

Wednesday is the First in more ways than one. Obviously, it is October First. But it is also the FIRST Wednesday. It is Harvesters delivery day at the Community Christian Center from 2-3 PM. Often, when the First Wednesday comes so early in the month, people miss it. they realize only too late that the delivery date passed them by.

Another error: Thinking that the delivery is only for the “down and out.” I had a discussion over this the other day. One member of the community was saying that this is only for those in extreme need. Not so, I explained. Since we are considered a food desert ( a community without a grocery store nearby), all in the community are encouraged to take part. Another person chimed in that he and his wife had been able to pick up food the last two months and he really liked the large tubs of brand name yogurt that was available.

Harvesters loading a car

The amazing thing is that Wellington-Napoleon students and others volunteer month after month and deliver the food directly to your car. You simply let one person know how many are in the household and they will figure out how much food you would get and have it ready when you pull up. If you would not use some items or as much as they would like to give you, just let the volunteers know,  so that food won’t go to waste. You may also pick up food for families unable to come during the 2-3 PM time slot. Just get a note from them verifying that you are their proxy to pick up food for their family.


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