Every Day Frustrations of Eating — When Challenges Frustrate the Normal Pleasures of Food

Every Day FrustrationsProverbs 15:17, 17:1; 1 Corinthians 10:31


WEEK ONE: Eating habits, tastes and feelings about food are often deeply impacted by our childhood experiences. In this message, I have shared some of my family struggles dealing with food, some humorous, some with dire results. This message focuses on the various challenges that turn a normal pleasure into frustration. We explored questions that cause us pause in our food choices and quash our appetites — questions like whether we eat or don’t eat certain foods, whether we should diet or not diet, and what kind of health problems battle happy eating. The congregation shared some of what they found challenging. And we discussed the hassles of dealing with picky eaters, whether one’s own children or adult guests.

Time allowed us to look at some of the ways to deal with picky eaters. Next week we will be exploring further God’s best aid to digestion and God’s principles for dealing with the frustrations of eating. The message and notes below will set you up to fully appreciate God’s steps for victory over these every day frustrations.

9-21-14 EDF6 – Part 1 Sermon Audio EDF6 – Sermon Notes
EDF6 – Preaching Notes – Part One EDF 6 Power Point

WEEK TWO: In this week we learned what is God’s solution to indigestion — PEACE. This should come as little surprise when we know that stress either causes many digestive medical conditions or makes them worse. We also discussed what steals our peace and how do we get peace in the first place.

We looked at the role that self-control and patience play in dealing with the every day frustrations of eating. We also looked at God’s primary purpose for food — energy for Fruitful Labor. Pastor Christopher discussed some ways that poor eating simply for personal pleasure can compromise or destroy our ability to labor fruitfully for the Lord. Finally we looked at four ways the Lord helps us with the Every Day Frustrations of Eating…

9-28-14 EDF6 Part 2 Sermon Audio EDF6 – Part 2 Sermon Handout
EDF6 – Preaching Notes – Part Two EDF 6 Power Point

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