Every Day Frustrations — Road Rage to Technology

Every Day Frustrations1 Corinthians 10:12-13; Proverbs 15:1; song of Solomon 2:15

Sorry that we did not get to post these messages until now. But people have sure responded to the topic of Every Day Frustrations. To date we have covered:

  • Road Rage & Driving Dilemmas: dealing with the every day challenges we meet when we get behind the wheel
  • Sweating the Small Stuff: What do we do when it’s the little things that drive us crazy?
  • Growing Older: It’s Not for Sissies
  • The Challenges of Raising Children (This message and notes have already been posted.)
  • The Challenges of Technology: Life lessons learned from the failures of technology…

To catch up on these messages, click the links below:

EDF 1: Road Rage Sermon Audio 8-10-14  Road Rage Sermon Notes
Preaching Handout EDF 1 – Power Point

EDF 2: Sweating the Small Stuff Sermon Audio 8-17-14 EDF2 – Sermon Handout
EDF2 – Preaching Notes EDF 2 Power Point

EDF3 Getting Older: It’s Not For Sissies Sermon Audio 8-24-14 EDF3 – Sermon Handout
EDF3 – Preaching Notes EDF 3 Power Point

EDF4 — The Challenges of Parenting Sermon Audio 8-31-2014 EDF 4 – Sermon Handout
EDF4 – Preaching Notes EDF4 – Power Point

EDF5: Challenges of Technology Sermon Audio 9-7-14 EDF5 – Sermon Handout
EDF5 – Preaching Notes EDF 5 – Power Point

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