11 Quotes From Ravi Zacharias On Humanity’s Predicament

These are some great thoughts to ponder and to share with others. Ravi Zacharias has one of the finest minds out there today — Christian or non-Christian.


Thanks to Luke Nix for this excellent post. Luke blogs at Faithful Thinkers.


“When we look into the human heart we see the lust, the greed, the hate, the pride, the anger, and the jealousies that are so destructive. This is at the heart of the human predicament, and the Scriptures call this condition sin.”

“The more we see the unconscionable ends to which the human spirit can descend when it is determined to remain autonomous, the more our confidence in human methods diminishes.”

“None of us like the concept of law because none of us like the restraints it puts on us. But when we understand that God has given us his law to aid us in guarding our souls, we see that the law is for our fulfillment, not for our limitation. The law reminds us that some things, some experiences, some relationships are sacred. When…

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