Sweating the Small Stuff — Every Day Frustrations

Every Day FrustrationsLast Sunday we had an interesting discussion over Road Rage and other road issues that “drive” us crazy. And we looked at how God can help us cope with these things. I shared about my personal experience with Road Rage this summer and how the Lord kept a bad situation from getting worse.

Now, this next Sunday, Aug. 17, we will be looking at the little things that ruin our day. In Sweating the Small Stuff”, I will confess some of the minor issues that can set me off. What are the little annoyances that bug you the most?

Join us Sundays at 9 AM as we look at Every Day Frustrations. Coming up will be messages looking at the every day frustrations (EDFs) of getting older, raising children, gossip, social media melt downs, technology, and more. Feel free to email me your EDFs at clhabarnes@gmail.com. We hope to find principles in God’s Word that will allow us to rise above the EDFs and keep from personal melt downs (or deal with those melting down around us).

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