Justice & Forgiveness — Coping with Kolkmeyer Crisis

It’s been 18 months since we first learned that someone we have trusted in this community had repeatedly embezzled much-needed public funds. We all wished it wasn’t true, but the evidence was compelling. Finally, last November, Leland pled guilty in federal court to a fraud scheme in which he embezzled more than $1.5 million from the Fire Protection District and the Road District.

Tomorrow Leland will be sentenced.

Last week’s Odessan revealed information that is part of the court record – the results of the sentencing investigation that included statements that Leland had made right after this came to light and statements from our present Fire Chief Wes Young and from a former chief, Brian Beissenherz.

None of the chiefs quoted in the paper knew that their comments would be publicly reported. They were intended for the judge’s eyes and ears to help explain the damage done to the community due to Leland’s criminal actions.

These things raise key questions…

What do we do when we’ve been wronged like this? What does God say regarding dealing with something like this?

How do we forgive someone who has hurt our community as a whole and many of us personally? Why should we forgive?

For the answers to these questions, listen here…

6-22-2014 Justice & Forgiveness Sermon Audio
Justice and Forgiveness – Preaching Notes


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