UNSTUCK: Moving Beyond Mediocrity

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What Are the Basics of Being Stuck?

  • First, we have to realize we are stuck. I once heard of a drunk who had gone off the road. He was completely oblivious to the fact that he was stuck fast in a ditch. He kept going and going until he ran out of gas, wheels spinning and going nowhere.
  • Second, we have to realize that we need help. Some are aware that they are in a ditch, but they refuse to listen to others in order to get unstuck. They try and try on their own to get out of the ditch, often digging themselves in even deeper.
  • Third, we need to realize when we need to seek help, to call for help. It is easy for many of us to remember a time that would have gone much better if we had asked for help sooner rather than later.

In this seven-week sermon series, we learned some incredibly practical ways to get our lives out of the rut of mediocrity and to move forward in living for God in 6 areas: Getting Unstuck in Our Faith (1 & 2), Getting Unstuck in Your Finances, Getting Unstuck in Your Family, Getting Unstuck in Your Work (1 & 2), Getting Unstuck in Your Friendships, and Getting Unstuck in Your Future.

  • In the area of our faith, we saw that even heroes of the faith in the Bible were stuck in their faith from time to time, we discussed the things that cause us to get stuck in our faith, and looked at the steps needed to get our faith back on track.
  • In the area of our finances, we looked at the danger signs of being stuck in your finances and the Nine Steps to Becoming Debt Free.
  • In the area of our family, we saw that all families get stuck, we discussed three liberating basic concepts about family and learned how to give God first place in our family.
  • In the area of our work, we looked at the life of John Mark (a Biblical person who got stuck and finally unstuck in his work), and then studied 5 choices that we each need to make to get unstuck in our work and experience the joy God has for us, even in work.
  • In the area of our friendships, we saw the painful consequences of being stuck and looked at 4 things we must do to get unstuck in this vital area of our lives.
  • Finally, in the area of the future, we discussed a poll that showed that 80% of people are worried about the future, we saw 4 approaches to the future that lead us to getting stuck, and studied 5 practical steps that get us unstuck in our futures.

If you’d like to be encouraged and challenged in getting unstuck in your life and moving beyond mediocrity, we invite you to explore these messages:

Getting Unstuck in Your Faith (Part 1) Sermon Audio

Getting Unstuck in Your Faith (Part 2) Sermon Audio

Getting Unstuck in Your Finances Sermon Audio

Getting Unstuck in Your Family Sermon Audio

Getting Unstuck in Your Work (Part 1) Sermon Audio

Getting Unstuck in Your Work (Part 2) Sermon Audio

Getting Unstuck in Your Work (Part 2) Sermon Audio

A common denominator in all of these areas in getting unstuck was our Definition of Unstuck: Moving forward in my life because I’m willing to give God full control. When God is number one, He will put all else in order. God’s blessings, Pastor Christopher


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