Getting Unstuck in My Family

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When we think of families, we often think of Moms. Why? Because, often times Moms are the anchor for the family. Thinking of Moms reminds me that every Mother’s Day, a new survey is done asking people who were their most favorite TV Mom of all time. Have you ever wondered who would be ranked in the top ten on these polls? Here are seven of the top ten in recent surveys…

  • Clare Dunphy of Modern Family
  • Morticia Addams – Addams Family
  • Marion Cunnigham – Happy Days
  • Carol Brady – Brady Bunch
  • Claire Huxtable – Bill Cosby Show
  • June Cleaver – Leave It to Beaver
  • Marge Simpson – The Simpsons!

Some are good – Cleavers, Huztables, Cunninghams…

Some not so good role models – the Simpsons and the Addams families.

No such thing as a perfect family; so all families get stuck from time to time. All families are dysfunctional.

Therefore, all families get stuck.  It feels bad when you get stuck.  When you are stuck as a family, there can be conflict.

  • So you can feel a lot of fear or feel a lot of anger.
  • There can be a lot of frustration.
    • You can be disappointed in someone else in the family.  Or maybe you feel let down
    • Or maybe you’re holding a grudge.

All of this happens when we feel stuck in our family.

God doesn’t want you to live life that way.  God says your family does not have to be stuck.  Now, God never promises that your family is going to be perfect.  But God does promise that your family can get unstuck if you do one very important thing.

The Key to Getting Unstuck in My Family:
Give GOD FIRST PLACE In My Family!

If you want your family to get unstuck, you are going to have to look to God’s Word.  And the Bible has a lot to say about family.  In fact, His Word reminds you that family was God’s idea all along.  It was God who created us, male and female, and created this idea of the family.  And so if we are going to get unstuck, we can’t go to the representations we see on TV.  We can’t even trust what culture says about family.

First Equals Blessing

Whatever area of your life, if you want God’s blessings, put God first in that area…

  • In your faith
  • In your finances
  • In your friends
  • In your field
  • In your future
  • In your family

This reminds us of our definition of being Unstuck…

Definition of UnStuck:
Moving forward in my life because
I am willing to give God COMPLETE CONTROL!

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