Getting Unstuck in My Finances!

Handout HeaderRomans 13:7-8

Are you feeling stuck in your finances? Perhaps you think you are doing fine, but others around you question that. This week we looked at how many people are stuck in their finances in America, how to know if you are stuck, and then looked at some VERY practical ways to get unstuck.

We get stuck because we live in a culture based on instant gratification.

I would also say this—the number one reason that people get stuck in their finances is because of debt.  And particularly, unsecured credit card kind of debt.

Today, the American consumer debt stands at $1.7 trillion.  That’s not the US debt, that’s how much we, as consumers, owe in America.  $1.7 trillion.

The average household in America has $7,394 worth of credit card debt.  If you remove the households that have no debt, the indebted households average $15,000 in debt!

How can we become debt free?  This doesn’t include mortgages.  It doesn’t include your farm loan for each year’s expenses. And it doesn’t include financial aid, and financial aid is another big source of debt in America.

But this particular verse, Romans 13:8, is very, very powerful because it is actually a command. God says owe nothing to anyone except love.  Rather than feeling down over a command, you should be encouraged, because God never commands you to do something that He doesn’t give you the power to do.  God never commands you to do something He doesn’t give you the power to do.

So here’s what God says—if you want to get unstuck in your finances, you have got to become debt free, and get to the point where you owe nothing to anyone.

But first, maybe you are wondering, what’s the danger in debt?  Pastor Nelson Searcy looked up debt in his  Thesaurus, and here’s some of the synonyms for the word “debt” that he came up with:  owe, obligated, liable, in deficit, in default, insolvent, in over one’s head, tied up, out of pocket, in arrears, indignant, pauper, destitute, penniless, needy, lacking, distressed, in difficulty, deadbeat, having the wolf at the door, living hand to mouth, beggarly, empty, having seen better days, gone to the dogs, racked in ruin, impoverished, bad off, hard up, beaten down, reduced to ruin, fleeced, stripped, bereft, bereaved, reduced, unable to make ends meet, embarrassed, broke and busted.

Searcy said, “No wonder we get stuck.  This is all going on in our lives.  Of course, you would get stuck with this happening.  This is why nobody wants to talk about debt.  But yet, debt is very dangerous and God says you can get out of debt with His power.  You can get unstuck and you can owe nothing to anyone except love. ”

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