Raising Godly Children — It Takes a Church

wisdom 3 true-wisdom-for-lifeJames 1:19-20; Galatians 6:7-9; Proverbs 27:6

Not too long ago, a Mom came to me furious over the unfair treatment of her student.

It was totally unfair! Her student had been to all the practices, extra weight conditioning, everything. Now it was the third game of the season and this student still hadn’t played a minute in any of the games. It was totally unfair. And it wasn’t just her student. Other students were also not playing in spite of the fact that they had always been to everything. Her student had even had to miss some of that student’s summer job to make it to the sport camp.

Some of the students who were always playing had not been as faithful. It just wasn’t fair. The coach was clearly playing favorites.

The students being left out were on the sidelines even when the game was lopsided. They were losing by a landslide and there was no reason not to play everyone.

“How is my child expected to keep up a positive attitude?” the Mom asked.

Much more venting took place. How do we help a fellow believer who is experiencing an all too common problem? What can we do to help the student to handle this unfair situation as well?

The truth of the matter is that, as brothers and sisters in the Lord, we do have a responsibility because to raise Godly children, it takes a church.

Not a village. There’s nothing in the Bible that our children are community responsibility. They are the responsibility of the parents.

But, parents can’t do this alone, especially in a culture that is walking away from God’s values as fast as its collective feet will carry them.

So, it takes a church. Remember the church is not the building. It’s not even the programs. It’s the people. So what can we do as the church of God, the family of God, to help raise Godly children?

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