Pastor Christopher Speaks on Sexual Abstinence

Why is sexual abstinence the best option for young people today, regardless of their faith? Find out in Pastor Christopher’s presentation to the Parenting the Teen and Preteen currently meeting at 9:30 AM in the St. Luke basement. This Sunday (9/22/2013) he will be speaking on The Power of Purity.

Christopher covered the same information and followed the same format that he used when he represented the Tri-County Pregnancy Center in the Chicago suburbs. He spoke in four different high schools over a period of more than 11 years. In one school alone, he ended up speaking to every student enrolled over an 11 year period. The health education teachers felt that they saw a significant change of student behavior and teen pregnancy rates when they used Sex Respect a teen sexual abstinence program.

To hear or read what was covered in class, click the links below:

Listen Here! Abstinence Talk with Notes

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