How to Care for those in Financial Need

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Before we deal with people who are in financial hardship, we sometimes need to make a big attitude adjustment. We often judge those who have not been able to provide for themselves and family. This goes back to what we discussed at the beginning of our Wisdom for Today series. We looked at how easy it is to judge others when we haven’t walked in their shoes.

Even more important is the fact that we must recognize an ultimate reality. ALL human beings, regardless of their circumstances, are God’s creations. He has a tender heart toward them and wants us to have a similar tenderness and respect.

What are the attitude adjustments we need to make to care for those in financial need?
What are the practical things we can do and
what should we NOT do in caring for those with these struggles?

Caring for the Poor Sermon Audio Sermon Handout
Caring for the Poor Power Point

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