A New Community: Under Construction

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God had been working through the centuries to restore the relationship He had lost with us at the point for the first sin. Chaos entered His perfect creation, death and alienation reigned, and our hearts turned away from God toward self-centeredness. As we marched through The Storywe saw God work to bring people back into a relationship with Him. First through the creation of a nation, Israel, that was supposed to shine for God. they were to be a display case of His love and principles for living. But once they were comfortable, they turned their backs on God.

Prophet after prophet was sent to call God’s people back to Himself. But along with this call, the prophets began to share a new message — God would raise up a deliverer, a Messiah, who would come and save His people from their oppression and from themselves.

In the last few weeks, we saw the Messiah’s arrival on the world’s stage. Jesus began to reveal himself through miracles and amazing teachings. Once again, human pride and hatred came to a head and Jesus was killed at the hands of those who did not want any king but themselves.

Strangely, what looked like defeat was actually victory! This was God’s plan from the beginning of time–Jesus would give his life to take our punishment upon Himself and wash away by His blood our sinfulness, that barrier between humans and God. God’s restoration plan  was complete. Now all who will can come into that relationship of love, grace and truth that God designed for us from the beginning. But God did not design us to live in isolation. His plan was actually to create a new family, a new community.

This week we begin our final mini-series in the larger series of
The Story: Under Construction.
We will see over the next few weeks what this new community,
this new family, is and what God’s purpose for it is.
Join us this Sunday, May 5, as we discover
The Heart and Mission of God.

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