Ever Doubt?

Have you ever had doubts about your faith? Perhaps you read The DaVinci Code or one of Steve Berry’s books. The main characters bring up argument after argument undermining the credibility of the Bible. Or you watched a History Channel special, usually around Christmas and Easter, and it “uncovers” secret tombs or documents that “disprove” the Bible, arguing that Jesus had a family or Mary Magdalene was his wife or paramour. The talk around the water cooler is that the Bible is a book like all the rest, written by men, filled with stories and ideas, but not anything special.

There’s a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. Could they be right?

Other people attack the Bible because it seems so out of touch with things today. It disapproves of actions and modern moralities, rather than accepting these “alternate lifestyles” so popular today.

You don’t want to seem old-fashioned. You want to be with it. Perhaps you need to not take the Bible so literally…
If you have struggled with these private thoughts, you are in good company. But the Bible can stand the scrutiny. The tough questions need not be avoided, but rather tackled head on. And they are reasonable questions to deal with. Faith in the Lord Jesus demands our entire lives. Jesus said the first and greatest commandment is to love God with your whole heart, your whole soul, your whole mind and your whole strength. Such total devotion should be based on solid reality not pipe dreams, myths and legends.

If you have struggled with these things, then Sunday’s Answers Conference, The Case for Truth, is for you. 

         Our guest speaker, Dr. Jim Anderson will tackle these issues head on in four workshops. Dr. Anderson is Chancellor of Midwestern Bible College and Aviation Professor at Midwest Baptist Theological Seminary. He has studied a great deal on this subject and has led 85 tours of the Holy Lands, both Israel and the areas traveled by the Apostle Paul.

The Case for Truth Conference is a powerful event designed to help us:

  • Know what makes the Bible stand out among all holy books
  • Discover surprising things about the myths our culture claims against the Bible
  • Learn how to answer these claims
  • Clarify how we got our English Bibles and why they are trustworthy
The Answers Conference 2013 schedule is:
2:30 PM Session 1 – Is the Bible Unique?
3:45 PM Session 2 – Fulfilled Prophecy: Evidence for the Bible’s Reliability — God spoke; Things happened. Does this matter?
5:00 PM – Supper
5:45 PM Session 3 – Evidence from Archaeology — How digging in the dirt has helped verify the Bible’s story.
7:00 PM Session 4 – So What? What Does This Mean for Me? If the Bible really is God’s Word, His truth on every matter in life, what implications does that have for every person?
 Child care will be provided for ages 7 and under. Please RSVP for child care and meal by calling 816-878-3681 or emailing church at lookstluke@cebridge.net.
Dr. Anderson will also be our guest preacher in both morning services – 8:00 & 10:45 AM. During the Sunday school hour at 9:30 AM, we will have a chance to hear Dr. Anderson’s fascinating life story. In addition to this being a professor and pastor, he is a test pilot for experimental aircraft, a ventriloquist, author, and can play a ram’s horn like a military bugle.

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