NOLA 2013 Team Commissioned Sunday

CommissioningChurch leaders (back row): Richard Abdoler, Kathryn Potter, Pastor Benjamin Hardee, Mark Schroer, Chuck Shroyer, and Pauline Tilly lay hands on (front row) Diane Goodwin, David Ward, Christopher Barnes and Gary Klotz, members of the NOLA 2013 team.

The team leaves early Saturday morning for the long, thirteen-hour drive to Urban Impact Ministries. Anyone interested in sending the team off should be in the south parking lot before 6:30 AM.

The team will join teams from  five other Free Churches in the inner city of New Orleans. See below for the latest update on the project from Terry Sistrunk, UIM Director of Operations. 

Good Morning to Everyone,

We had a wonderful week working on our new youth community center. We had a returning team from Platteville, Wisconsin in this week. We spent the week finishing denailing the rest of the bead board and insulating the facility, as well as, finishing the erection of the stage.  We received our close wall for HVAC and electrical.  We began the plumbing install for the bathrooms in addition.
One of the missionaries, Tim, brought down some bikes for the kids and spent a couple of days training a few adults on how to care and maintenance the bikes.  He donated the bikes and the equipment to care for them.  On Thursday night, he gave several of the bikes away to school children who are part of our afternoon tutoring and mentoring ministry.
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Our next major step is installing sheetrock, framing for a slab for the HVAC units., and painting the bead board to be re installed.  We have about 1,000 f these boards which will be used as wall trim and in the center ceiling.
Oh, did I tell you the building will be 100 years old on this Wednesday.  In December , we had seven teams of local companies come volunteer .  They got us off the ground by participating in the “Super Service Challenge.”  This past week we received $14,000 in award prizes for their efforts.  God is good!!!


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