Surviving Christmas 1: Crushed by Busy-Ness

Surviving LogoPsalm 46:1-3, 10-11

People often find themselves over stressed, struggling to find the perfect gifts without going into debt, ensnared in family issues, dismayed by commercialization of a precious holiday, and perhaps even struggling with grief. How do we get the most out of this time of year, have joy in spite of it all, and rise above the hustle and bustle?

In this Christmas series, I plan to share some thoughts on how to survive all of this with out becoming a Scrooge or a Grinch.

The topics are:

Crushed by Busy-ness? – Today we will look at, How to escape the pressure of events and rise above the chaos so that the true joy of Christmas can dominate our hearts.

The Gift Trap – Greed and ingratitude, desperation to please the unpleasable, overspending, all haunt us like the ghosts in The Christmas Carol. How do we avoid these traps?

The In-Laws & Outlaws – How to deal with the stressful relationships of the holidays.

Keeping Christ in Christmas – An alien visiting the USA during the fall would assume Christmas is about bright decorations, Black Friday, men in red suits and people fighting over this year’s must-have presents. Hidden in all this is the wonderful truth of God’s gift of love in Jesus Christ.

Dec. 2 — Surviving Christmas 1 — Crushed by Busy-ness Sermon Handout Power Point Preaching Notes

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