The Story Continues — New Mini-Series — Victory Against All Odds

Chapter 7 of The Story — Joshua 1-8

This week’s message presents a contrasts in personalities of faith and a person of betrayal.
We learn keys for victory through the events in the book of Joshua.

Oct. 21 — Victory #1 — The Battle Begins — Sermon Audio Sermon Handout Preaching Notes Power Point

Week Two of this mini-series looks at the repeating cycle from the
book of Judges and how this struggle was not much different from the things
we see in today’s society and in us as God’s people in the world today.
We also look at how to break out of this negative cycle and walk in victory!

Oct. 28 — Victory #2 — Break the Cycle – Walk in Victory! Sermon Handout Preaching Notes Power Point Cycle of Sin Cycle of Victory

Week Three focuses on one of the truly heart-warming stories of the Bible —
the story of Naomi, Ruth and Boaz. The story begins in the pit of despair
and ends in the heights of celebration. We see the God of the impossible,
overcome all odds to bring about completely unexpected results.
If you haven’t read Chapter 9 of The Story, I recommend that you
read it before listening to this encouraging message…

Nov. 4 — Victory #3 — From Bitter to BLessed.Sermon Audio Sermon Handout Preaching Notes Power Point

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