Stop the Giving!

Ever been surprised by someone’s behavior or choices? Often people are shocked at bad decisions and actions. Sadly, after 40 years of working with people, not much shocks me anymore. Rather, I am sometimes shocked in the opposite direction. Have you ever found yourself surprised when someone with a track record of foolish choices and bad actions does something remarkably good? You almost say, “Where did that come from?!”

In this section of Exodus (Ex. 35:4-36:6), we see something shocking from the Israelites. Known for their grumbling, whining and complaining, even idolatry, the children of Israel show an incredibly positive response to God and Moses. As we look into these events, we can learn some important lessons for ourselves as well.

What’s The Story on Giving #2 — Oct. 14, 2012 Sermon Handout Preaching Notes Power Point

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