St. Luke Update — Oct. 9, 2012

Join us for two Sunday messages regarding stewardship of our finances and giving from the perspective of two events from our reading in The Story. If you have missed the message on Sunday, Oct. 7, CLICK HERE.

Looking for Answers? 
Question & Answer Time at 9:30 AM, Sunday, Oct. 14

Two main questions have come up repeatedly —
First, Is the God of the Old Testament different from the God of the New Testament? It seems God is more gracious and patient in the New Testament than He was with Israelites coming out of Egypt.
Second, Why did God create people in the first place if He knew how things were going to come out with sin and rebellion and all? Or why did He make us like we are? couldn’t He have done it so that humans would be in a lot more harmony with Him?
A third question somewhat connected to these is — Why is God sorry about certain things when He already knew they would happen?

Pastor Christopher will tackle these questions and more as time allows. There will be more Q & A times during Advent when our SS classes are not keeping pace with The Story sermon schedule.

If you have a question you’d like addressed, please email Pastor Christopher at

Go MAD this Winter!

Looking for a chance to transform others and be transformed at the same time? You can have this opportunity for service this February on the Adult Missions Trip to New Orleans. NOLA 2012 is the Missions committee’s project for adults. This trip would be similar to the youth Work Camp—featuring solid service; great times of connecting with God, your team and the local residents; and a chance to use your gifts and abilities for God.

NOLA 2012 is scheduled for Feb. 2-9, serving in New Orleans the week between Super Bowl XLVII and Mardi Gras. We will be serving Urban Impact Ministries (UIM), a Christian ministry that has been transforming their inner city neighborhood ( They have built homes in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, they help students succeed in the area schools, they reach out through many of the same means that we do – VBS and a program similar to AWANA. A local church sprung from their ministry – Castle Rock Community Church. (

For more details, CLICK HERE or call Melody Kemp (816) 719-5137, Cheryl Klotz (816) 726-9348, or Pastor Christopher (816) 878-3681. We’d love to have you join us!

First Cemetery Walk Was a Great Success!

Over 120 individuals went through the first St. Luke Cemetery Walk on Sunday, Sept. 9. Perfect fall-like weather helped the presenters and audience alike. The presenters did an excellent job bringing history to life and the response from those attending was overwhelmingly positive.

The persons chosen to be portrayed focused on those who had shaped and touched St. Luke through its 130 years history: Rev. Ernst Friedrich Drewel, Church Planter and Founding Pastor of St. Luke Church (portrayed by descendant Jim Potter); Mr. Wilhelm Soendker, Carpenter, Farmer & Charter Member of St. Luke Church (portrayed by Pastor Benjamin Hardee); Miss Mamie Bruer, beloved aunt & long-time St. Luke Sunday School Secretary (portrayed by friend Alberta Block); and Mrs. Lorene Flucke, beloved Church Organist, Choir Director & Music Teacher (portrayed by her daughter Dot Renno). Rev. Drewel’s horse, Fuzz, was a nice added touch for the itinerant preacher.

The Cemetery Walk Committee wants to thank the many who provided support in so many ways – research and pictures, providing straw bales and canopies, serving refreshments, the youth tour guides, assisting with costumes and props, helping those needing wheel chair or other assistance in getting around the cemetery, etc. We appreciate Mr. Devin Garland and the FFA students for providing animals for people to pet and observe while they waited to go on the tour. Thanks again for your encouragement and support, Cemetery Walk Committee: Richard Abdoler, Christopher Barnes, Alberta Beissenherz, Katherine Potter, Mark Schroer, and Katherine Shroyer.

There are hopes to do a similar walk next year. If you are a history buff and would like to help, especially with the initial brainstorming of whom to portray, simply contact of this past year’s committee.

Children’s Workers Needed

We have great ministries to the children of our community and their families. In order to keep them running strong, we need everyone’s help. AWANA has reorganized under the leadership of our new Co-Commanders, Tiffany Dehn and Amy Osborn. Last year we averaged over 50 most of the year. At the start of this year we are already over 40. One of the critical needs is for adults to meet with individual children to help them memorize and share their verses each week. This would be a 30-minute commitment each Wednesday night. If interested in serving, please contact Tiffany (816) 548-9677, or Amy (816) 633-8800.

Another ministry that can use support is our Toddler Time ministry to children from 2-6 years old. Toddler Time meets during the message or sermon portion of the service. Kristina Pence is our Toddler Time Coordinator and is working out a schedule so that volunteers will serve in one of the two services once a month.

All children ministry volunteers must go through our screening and training process designed to keep all children safe attending St. Luke EFC activities.

New Mini-Series Coming for The StoryMeet Some of the True Characters of the Bible

In mid-October, we will move into the second mini-series of The Story, Victory Against All Odds. Ever feel like everything is stacked against you and you’d have to climb up to just get to the bottom? In this series we will discover times when the cards were clearly stacked against God’s people and yet they discovered great deliverance and meet some of my favorite Bible characters, including Joshua and Ruth.

Then in November, we will begin The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, five messages on the kings of Israel & Judah. Their situations will give us clear insight into God’s Story and into Our Story. Come join us as we discover God’s story, His plan and purposes for us by journeying through the Lower Story, the true events that happened in a much different time, but with people too much like people today.

You, Too, Can Save a Life! Learn How…

This video will help each of us learn what we can do to save a life if someone collapses near us in a public place equipped with an AED — Automatic Electric Defibrillator.  WATCH THIS VIDEO

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