Life of Joseph Impacts Many

If continual feedback is any indication, then yesterday’s message — From Pit to Palace: God’s Purposes in Trials — seemed to really hit home for many. Not only did I receive your standard back-of-the-church compliment, but people stopped me throughout the afternoon and at the church picnic…

“That was excellent this morning.”

“That really hit home.”

“This morning was right on.”

And so forth. An additional feature added to the impact. We watched a music video that really ministered. A number of people were wiping tears out of their eyes as the video ended. (Click here for link to video on YouTube.)

I share this because I believe Joseph’s story to be one of the top events among God’s people. He endured much and saw God’s faithfulness played out in spades! In this part of The Story, we see a promise given through a dream that went unfulfilled for 31 years! Then, God brought it to pass in a spectacular way.

Through the life of Joseph, we can discover how to become better rather than bitter.

If you missed the message, or would like to pass it on to others for their encouragement, click the links below. I have also included a link to the Early Service message — a little expanded with extra insights.

Sept. 9 Hope #3 — From Pit to Palace: God’s Purposes in Trials — Late Message

Sept. 9 Hope #3 — from Pit to Palace: God’s Purposes in Trials — Early Message

Click here for the sermon resources like the handout and Power Point.

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