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Welcome to The Story

As we begin, I’d like to help you understand what we are about to experience. We will be reading through God’s Word, that is what The Story is – selected passages of God’s Word woven together in chrono­logical order to give us a clear picture of God’s great story.

This is the Epic Story of God’s Love for people and His desire to be in a relationship with us.

We will be walking basically between two gardens:

  • The Garden of Eden, the original Paradise, a place of peace and love with God.
  • The Garden in the New Heavens and Earth, the restored Paradise, once again a place of peace and love with God.

In between God is seeking to restore what’s fallen apart because of sin in the world.

The Story is centered on who God is, but who God is in relationship to us. It’s His story, but also our story in relationship to Him.

We will be talking about The Story in three levels:

  • Upper Story – Here in the Upper Story we will see God at work, His hand moving, His love reaching out.
    • Must grasp that God is at work, always at work.
    • God is moving in and through the events in human history.
    • God did not give the earth a huge spin like spinning a huge globe and say, “Have a great eternity!” and then just walk away.
    • God is involved. And we will see His story in the Upper Story.
  • Lower Story – this is the Bible story. The recounting of the events that took place on our earth in real lives in history. We will look at the events as they took place centuries ago. We will discuss the places and people who populate the Lower Story.
  • Then we will look at what I’ve termed My Story. This is your story as God speaks to you so you can say, “This is my story.”
    • Mirror – this gray square is meant to represent a mirror. In the book of James, God describes the Word of God as a mirror and says that we are to look intently into the Word of God.
    • Hold up a mirror. As you look into this mirror, God’s mirror, then you see yourself in it. You begin to understand that God is speaking to you in His story.
    • In James God says, don’t just look into this mirror and walk away, don’t merely hear the Word and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. God does not want to make us merely Bible scholars puffed up on knowledge, but wants our lives transformed by what He reveals to us.
    • So as we go along, I will come down here and talk to you about Your Story and My Story and how we are to apply the things revealed in the Upper Story and Lower Story. How this is to impact us.

So, at the end of The Story it is my hope that this will become your way of seeing things every time you come to the Bible. You see the Upper Story, God’s hand and His purposes, the Lower Story, grasping the reality of what is happening in the lives of God’s people in ancient times, and then Your Story, realizing how God wants to work in you and through you. How exciting So welcome to The Story! May God richly bless us as we pursue Him.

The Story — Hope in the Darkness (Mini-Series #1)

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