HMAB 8: Love, Loans…and the Money Crunch

Nehemiah 5:1-5; Luke 14:28-30

The people of God in Jerusalem were working hard,
but they were distracted from the work with
personal problems. They were faced with crushing debt and famine
so severe that they were forced to sell
their own children into slavery for them to survive.

What did Nehemiah do to resolve this issue?
Did he ignore the issues, saying that these were there
personal issues and they should not bring personal
issues to work with them?

Nehemiah was an incredible leader, able to focus on the needs of his workers
while never losing sight of the the great work before him.

He boldly deals with the evil around him that was crushing his fellow
countrymen, despite the fact that he had to go up
against the wealthy and well-connected.

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