HMAB 3: Preparation for a Tough Job

Nehemiah 2:1-10

What’s the toughest part of leadership?
Dealing with people or dealing with things?

Well, long before he had a chance to deal with things,
Nehemiah had to face his boss, Artaxerxes,
the Emperor of Persia .

He had been preparing for this moment for 52 days on his knees.
But now the moment of truth comes.

How do you handle the big moments?
How do you prepare for a one-shot deal?
You get one shot at the presentation.
You get the deal or your shot down.
In Nehemiah’s case, that would have been literal.
If he got crosswise with the most powerful man in the world,
it would have been all over for him.

 Join us as we learn what it takes to face these
tense moments in life and ministry…

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