HMAB 1: The Matter at Hand

Matthew 7:24-27, Nehemiah 1:1-11

In this Old Testament series, we will study one of my favorite books
Nehemiah. When Nehemiah confronted the task of rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls,
he was heart-broken by the damage that he saw and
nearly overwhelmed by the task that lay before him.

Nehemiah successfully accomplished this all-but-impossible labor,
giving us a pattern of success as valid today as it was for Nehemiah.
It provides wise and practical strategies for coping with inevitable obstacles such as these:

          • Unprecedented losses and damages
          • Attacks from jealous adversaries
          • Nerve-shattering financial pressures
          • Relentless time constraints
          • Personality conflicts and misunderstandings

As we prepare to dive into the book of Nehemiah for
Timeless Lessons on Life and Leadership,
let’s get the big picture of what is going on here
and why this is relevant for us today.

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