Confirmation Class presents new play April 1, 7 PM

CSI: Jerusalem
Confirmation Drama Production – Palm Sunday, 7 PM

The Confirmation Class will present a unique look at the resurrection of Jesus Christ at 7 PM on April 1. The focus is on two CSI techs who argue over the resurrection – reality or fable? The skeptic boasts that if a CSI team or even one tech had been on the scene, the mystery of the missing body of Jesus would be easily solved and this fable would end up in the dust bin of history.

Come discover what happens as the skeptic is somehow transported back in time and gets to talk to those who were on the scene for the arrest, crucifixion and the flowing events. Enjoy the humor as a 21st Century skeptic stumbles upon Bible time people and their culture.

The drama will feature: Lydia Breckenridge as the CSI skeptic, Colby Dowell as the Christian CSI tech, Samuel Fahrmeier as the caretaker of the tombs, Jacquelyn Houts as Mary Magdelene, Arby Todd as the Roman Centurion, Hunter Pence as one of his guards, Matthew Block as the servant of the high priest, and Danielle Davis as the servant girl from the Upper Room.

CSI: Jerusalem is an original Barnabas Players production written by Pastor Christopher.

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