Christianity & Culture Conference to give invaluable insight…

Christianity & Culture, featuring Bill Jack of theWorldviewAcademy, will be the focus of our fourth annual Answers Conference. Bill is a nationally-known speaker involved in leading conferences for churches and worldview camps for young people. Bill will be accompanied by Rusty Carter, an expert at training youth and adults in thinking Biblically on hot topics like animal rights and environmentalism.

The Answers Conference 2012 schedule is:

2:30 PM Session 1 – Whatever!: An In Depth Examination of Secularism Bill Jack

3:45 PM Session Two — Whatever! Part 2

5:00 PM – Supper

5:45 PM Session 3 – What Would Jesus Drive? Environmentalism, Church & Culture Bill Jack

7:00 PM Session 4 – Lost in Compassion: How to Save Endangered Creatures Rusty Carter

The Christianity & Culture Conference is a powerful event designed to help us:

  • Understand worldviews
  • Get a Biblical perspective on current issues
  • Understand the implications and consequences of ideas and the culture
  • Strengthen our faith
  • Be reassured that the Bible is true, practical and applicable to every area of life
  • Be motivated to translate knowledge into action.

The conference is set for Sunday, March 18, with special events for youth scheduled on March 17. Bill Jack will speak on 7 Habits of Highly Suppressive People in both worship services on Sunday morning. Rusty will speak on The End of Sloth: Developing a Biblical Work Ethic during Sunday school.

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