LW17: The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

John 16:5-15, 14:

We need constant reminding that following the Holy Spirit and letting Him be in charge is essential to successfully live the Christian life. Jesus strongly emphasized that He would not leave His disciples as orphans, but would send the Spirit to be with them and IN them. In Luke 24:49 and Acts 1:4-5, He instructed them to wait until He had clothed them with the power of the Holy Spirit.

If this was a huge deal for His followers, who had spent three years working with Him and listening to His teachings day after day, do you think this is important for us?

His influence, his work in all the areas of our lives, can totally change our daily experience. This is true for our homes, marriages, parenting experience and in our workplaces.

If He is that important, then it would be wise for us to look at Him and His ministry before we begin to look at how He impacts these areas.

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