LW13: Mimicking Papa

Ephesians 5:1-14

I remember the Mimic; someone who made a living imitating famous
personalities. The best people to mimic were those with strong characteristics —
People like John Wayne, Jimmy Stewart, Richard Nixon and Sarah Palin.

Ever notice how children mimic their parents?
I remember when my daughter Hope  was first walking.
Some visiting friends turned and looked at this  new-found skill
and exclaimed, “Look, she walks just like her mother!”
little Hopey was walking with her toes pointed slightly out.

Linda and I were surprised at the comment.
Later we realized that  it was true. Linda did walk like that.
Or at least she used to. That quickly changed!

But children often imitate their parents, particularly well-loved children tend to copy their parents very closely. Our passage today encourages us to do the same. Like dearly loved children, we are to imitate God.
What are the things that God wants us to imitate?
What things should we never do because
they are not fitting for God’s well-loved children?

To live worthy of God is to mimic our heavenly Papa.
Learn how in this message…

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