LW# 2: Gifted to Serve

Ephesians 4:7-13

In this interesting passage of scripture, we learn the true meaning of the phrase
“charismatic gifts.” Here the Apostle Paul reaches into the Roman war culture to give us
a word picture of what God has done in Jesus Christ. These verses picture the parade of the
conquering general who, upon arrival at the empire’s capital, parades his captives through the streets
carrying the plunder from the victory over their native land. then, in the center of town,
the general rewards his faithful officers and soldiers.

In this case, what is distributed is not earthly plunder, but Grace, heavenly blessings.
This Grace is apportioned out to the body of believers, the church, starting with
four gifts designed to establish the church and equip it for productive ministry.

This week, discover the gifts and goals of our Conqueror, the Lord Jesus Christ,
who defeated the enemy of our souls by what He suffered.
Discover also, the awesome opportunities and responsibilities
that come with receiving these gifts.

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