Esther 3: Honor, Arrogance, Rage & Revenge

Esther 3:1-11

Ancient grudges rule the world. The Middle East is embroiled in disputes that go all the way back to struggles between Abraham’s sons and grandsons. Central to some of the tensions between Western Society and Radical Muslims are conflicts that go back centuries to Islamic Expansion and the Crusades. The mosque and community center proposed for Ground Zero was originally going to be called the Cordoba House – named after a city in Spain that was ruled for nearly 500 years by Muslims who were then repelled in 1236 AD.

In Eastern Europe we saw the Bosnian War erupt based on age old feuds between Bosnian Muslims and the Serbs – The most recent research places the number of killed people at around 100,000–110,000 and 1.8 million displaced.

Ancient grudges have proven deadly throughout history and in Esther 3, we see this play out once again.

Today’s message shows the danger Satan’s hatred of God’s people, the danger of grudges, and the error of xenophobia (the fear of the stranger). It also instructs us on how God’s people can avoid all these traps.

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