Esther 2: The Beauty & the Bachelor King

Esther 2

Ever gone through a wrenching time and wondered where God was
in all of it? Ever felt piled onto with one problem after another?
Ever felt like you were caught in a sailing ship
being spun around by the perfect storm?

Then, years later when you looked back on it,
you could see that the hand of God was guiding the ship all along.
God had a plan but used some alarming ways to get the ship to an
unknown shore that was His chosen destination from beginning.

Esther will take us on such a voyage. Even the events of the
drunken banquet and bizarre divorce decree will make perfect sense.
But, as in life, we will need to go through a few things
to get to where God’s purposes became clear.

This week we will look at a bachelor king regretting the
banishment of his former queen. What’s a Persian King to do?
Can’t go out on the dating scene.
There’s not or E-harmony to turn to.

His attendants propose an interest mix between a modern-day
beauty contest, an American Idol scouring of the provinces
for talent, and the current The Bachelor reality show.

What does God have to do with this and
where can we see God in this book that never mentions His name?
Discover the answers to all of this while we meet our heroes
of the book — Mordecai and Hadassah
(better known as Esther).

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