Esther: Book of Intrigue 1 — Understanding the Times

Esther 1:1-22

Why do powerful people make mistakes?
How can someone who can control a vast empire,
like the Persian King Xerxes, fail to manage his own household well?
Often times mistakes come when people are full of themselves,
at the height of their own glory. Such is the case when we meet
one of the main characters of Esther, the Old Testament Book that
focuses on the plight of the Jewish people who stayed behind in Persia
rather than endure the hardships of resettling the Promised Land
after 70 years of exile. Can you imagine the work involved to restore
one’s home, fields, vineyards and gardens after 70 years of neglect?

Esther has all the qualities of great drama — the beautiful heroine,
the evil villain, a diabolical plot by Satan, assassination plots,
suspense, risk and adventure, irony and lots of ego.

In addition, this book teaches us significant lessons as well:
God’s faithfulness to His people when a minority in a strange land,
the balance between Divine Providence & Human Responsibility,
what’s wrong with pride and what are it’s unavoidable results,
what opportunities await every believer in every day events,
and how can we experience God’s victory
when faced with overwhelming forces.

Join us for today’s message and don’t miss a single one
of these messages that carry us to an ancient past
that proves to be much like current events.

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