God’s Riches in Christ #13: The Ultimate Candid Camera

Ephesians 3:7-13

Who remembers the original Candid Camera with Allen Funt?
It was a great show that filmed people being pranked with
modern-day April Fool-type pranks, like the talking mailbox
(I know, what’s a mailbox?), or the grocery display that collapses when
the customer walks by. The looks on people’s faces are priceless.

Not too long ago Kevin, a friend of mine, told me about a situation
at a parts store that got him looking around for the hidden camera.
So many things had gone wrong, it just had to be a set up.
Ever felt like that? Ever felt that someone was watching you?
You know the saying, “Just because you’re paranoid,
doesn’t mean that people aren’t out to get you.” 🙂

Well, today’s passage might just bring justification to our paranoid friends. According to this, we (especially believers as a group) are on display.
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