God’s Riches in Christ! 8: From Death to Life!

Ephesians 2:1-5

Our culture has an obsession with death in a lot of ways.
One way it is seen is with our fascination with movies that blur the boundaries
of death and life. Perhaps it might be The Sixth Sense, the movie featuring Bruce Willis, a seeming child counselor, and Haley Joel Osment,
the child who awkwardly confessed, “I see dead people.”
Or it might be the slew of Zombie movies like
The Night of the Living Dead.

The reality is, we don’t have to be a movie character to say,
“I see dead people.” In today’s message we discover that we are
surrounded by the living dead every day,
most of the time without realizing it.

We will discover what all of us are like without Jesus and
what God has done to change that.
We will learn the three D’s of this state without Jesus.
And we will explore the wonders of God’s work on our behalf.

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